Saturday, July 2, 2016

2nd of July!

It's the Saturday before the 4th of July, and here in Grand Rapids, they do the fireworks on Saturdays, which is actually kind of nice, because then the smaller towns can do fireworks on the actual 4th and people don't have to choose.

Beth came over, and we grilled - brats and hamburgers and chicken, because we have some picky eaters - and then we had Juanito drop us off downtown, drive back home, and ride his bike back down to meet us. We found a spot in the middle of one of the main bridges - not a great spot, but adequate - and settled in to wait for the fireworks to begin.

Except then my brother Jim called and invited us to come watch the fireworks with them in his office building, so we leaped up and rushed over there. And the view was incredible, and we are now thoroughly spoiled. The Grand Rapids fireworks are great, regardless of where you stand, but when you can see them from several floors up, with a perfect view, you get to see the ones that are only visible to people with perfect seats.

Afterwards, we walked most of the way home while Juanito went back for the car. The kids were all completely hyper and excited and chattered non-stop. We got home at about 11:00, and people in our neighborhood were, of course, setting off fireworks. Loud ones. Until about 12:30. Because it's what they do.

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