Saturday, July 9, 2016

Picnic and lots of games

Our family all met at the park tonight for a picnic. It's our kids' favorite park, and Zane was all, "Katrina is going to be so sad she missed this!" And yet, Houston chose to sit with the adults and play a game of Wizard. Earlier in the day he told me, "I cannot wait to go to Grandma's house!" And when i asked why, he was all, "Cards!!!"

So we played a game of Wizard before dinner. And then after dinner, Jim brought out his game of Washers, which is similar to horseshoes except that you're throwing washers into a box rather than a horseshoe onto a pole. We played a couple of games of Washers, but that game can only be played by four people at a time, so we moved on to the next game.

Three of us had brought along our sets of bocce ball (mine is clearly and considerably inferior, but it was great for the little kids!), so we combined the three sets and had a giant game with twelve of us. Juanito was the referee/little ball pointer-outer, and he was all, "I'm so happy that i found a way to play this game that i can actually enjoy!" It was the most chaotic game of bocce ball ever, with everyone just kind of throwing their balls at random, but it was totally fun. Houston and i were a team, and we won the first game, which was awesome, and then we did totally and completely terribly for the next two games.

By the time we finished playing, it was getting late, so we left the park and hit the ice cream store. Yay for delicious ice cream!

And then most of us went to my parents' house for yet another game of Wizard. Yay for fun people who like to play games! I would have stayed a lot longer, but Juanito had to get to work, so we took a picture of the six original siblings, since this was the last time we'd see each other before Rick leaves tomorrow, and then we headed home. It was nearly 11:00 by then, and Zane was all, "I'm getting used to these late nights!" 

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