Friday, July 15, 2016

Meijer Gardens!

We went to Meijer Gardens today with my mom and my niece. (All of us except Houston, who chose to stay home and sleep. In the middle of the afternoon.)

Neither of them had been to the Japanese Gardens yet, and Juanito had only been to part of it, so we spent the majority of the time in that section of the gardens. It's been several weeks since we walked through that area, so all different things were blooming, and it's just such a beautiful garden that i'm totally happy to visit it again.

One of the things i love about going to Meijer Gardens with different people is that everyone we go with brings something new. Going with my mom is a whole different experience than going without her - it's a lot slower, as she looks at individual flowers, and i actually learn (though sadly, don't actually remember) the names of different flowers and plants and trees. I discover that flowers that look quite different to me are actually the same, just a different variety. And since the kids are along, they spot every single animal that comes anywhere near to us. Today, Katrina spotted a crayfish that was hiding so well that even after she pointed out where it was, it still took me a long time to see it.

The past several times we've been out and about, we've run into people playing Pokemon Go, but i really didn't expect to see them at Meijer Gardens. AND YET! They were certainly there. There was one guy walking along, looking at his phone, who was wearing a Pokemon shirt, and i decided it was safe to ask him if there were Pokemon in the gardens, and he was all, "Oh yeah! Lots of them!" He then proceeded to explain the entire game to my mom. I know it's a popular thing, but i think people are weird. 

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