Tuesday, July 5, 2016


My little brother Rick is unexpectedly in town for the next two days before moving out to the middle of nowhere in the desert between California and Nevada, and so we all went over to my parents' house to see him tonight. Yay!

My mom, two sisters, and their kids are stuck in Iowa with a broken car (I'm so sad for them! I hope they get back tomorrow!!!), so it was just my dad, my two brothers, one sister, Juanito, my kids, and me. We sat and talked and talked for quite a while, partially about Rick's move and job, and partially reminiscing about past trips and life when we were little. While we were sharing stories and my kids were laughing along, i was totally remembering sitting at my grandparents' house, listening to my mom and her siblings tell hilarious stories about when they were young, and absolutely loving it. I hope my kids have similarly happy memories.

And then we went out and played Molkky for ages until the sun went down and we simply couldn't see well enough anymore and Juanito had to get to work. It was totally fun.

We missed having everyone there, but it was fun to have a smaller group too. On the way home, Houston commented that he loves my whole big family, but he's kind of glad that we have less kids, so even when they're all grown up and married, there won't be a ton of people. 

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