Wednesday, July 6, 2016


We spent the day at my parents' house. The kids were introduced to "The Price is Right," and we hung out with my dad for a few hours. I walked around the garden and took pictures of some of the beautiful flowers.

And then my brothers got there, and we all played Uno Roboto. The kids love that game, mostly because the get to give themselves silly names.

After a few rounds, Juanito got there, and Rick, Jim, Juanito, Houston, and i headed out to play croquet. We played with an absolutely ridiculous course, ranging all over the yard and going through crazy obstacles. It wasn't exactly the way the fancy British people play croquet, but it was fun. And i very nearly won, which is kind of shocking when playing any kind of game that requires a ball and aiming ability.

After the first game, we moved to the front yard and started a new game with a new course, but shortly after we started, right about at dinnertime, my sister Jill and her family arrived (bringing with them dinner for all of us!), and shortly after them, Alisha and Harrison and Eric and Kelly all came, and our game kind of broke up as we all got distracted by all of the new people. And that was totally okay, because i was completely losing at that point.

And THEN! As an added bonus, my mom and sisters and their kids all got home from Iowa just as we were starting dinner! It was SO GOOD to see my mom again - she's been gone since forever. And so we spent the rest of the night laughing and talking and telling stories and laughing some more. I love my family!

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