Thursday, July 14, 2016


I told the kids that they could each invite a friend over for the day, so Katrina and Zane immediately called one of their best friends and invited them over, but Houston was all, "I don't really want to. But thanks." Why? "I never really know what to do with them, so then it feels all awkward." (Instead, he split his time between reading and playing with the kids who were here.)

I know i've said this before, but i'm just always so happy about who our kids have chosen to be friends with. They're just really, really nice kids.

They all played together for some of the time - they did folded drawing pictures where each person draws a third of the person without seeing the other 2/3, played hide and seek, and were generally silly together. Zane and Justin spent quite a while playing with Zane's Minecraft magnets, having contests of who could build a better (fill in the blank). Everyone giggled and ran around and just had a really good day.

And meanwhile, i got to sit and read for quite a while, mostly uninterrupted! We all win!

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