Friday, July 22, 2016

Haircut and Balloons!

Two exciting things happened today. The second was planned, but the first was completely unplanned.

It was the middle of the afternoon, and i looked at Houston, whose hair was a curly moppy mess from having never brushed it after showering, and i said, "Houston, you need to brush your hair." And he said, "No." (In a somewhat jokey way.) I replied, "Well. You can brush it! Or i can cut it!" (In a somewhat jokey way.) And he said, "Okay," and didn't move.
Me: "Seriously. If you have long hair, you have to take care of it."
Him: "I don't want to brush it."
Me: "...."
Him: "We can cut it."
Me: "Wait. Seriously, though? I don't want to cut it and then have you regret it later!"
Him: "Yes. It's too hot. I've been thinking about getting it cut.

So within the hour, his hair was gone. He's donating it to Wigs for Kids, so it's a win all around! And he seems really very happy about it, honestly.

Tonight was the Hot Air Balloon Festival! Yay!

There was a free photo booth with virtually no lines, and my kids took full advantage of it. They, along with their cousins, were probably half of the business the photo booth did. They each have a small stack of pictures, and theirs are SO much cuter than anything i ever do in photo booths. So they spent nearly the entire time at the fair doing that.

My parents, my younger sisters and their kids, Beth, Juanito, and our kids were all there, so we had a good group of fun people to hang out with. The sky was cloudless and sunny, perfect for a balloon launch, and then the did the glow at sunset, which is always my favorite part. (I only wish they'd waited until it was a bit darker to do the glow. It was dusk, but not actually dark, and i think they're SO pretty when it's fully dark!)

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