Thursday, June 30, 2016

Adventure Thursday!

I started calling it "Adventure Thursday" back when the kids were really little and we'd go places like "the park" and "this other park" and sometimes someplace really cool like "the fire station." And even though the kids are all old enough now that it's not ACTUALLY an adventure, they still like piling into the car with no idea where we're going, and just doing...whatever.

Today's "adventures" included the library, Meijer Gardens, and Meijer the grocery store. Exciting!!!

This was the first time since we got our membership that we went to Meijer Gardens and just did whatever the kids wanted. We spent most of the time in the Children's Garden, and my kids proved that even big kids enjoy digging in the sand, playing hide and seek, and figuring out the old-fashioned toys in the cabin. All three kids spent ages trying to excavate all of the dinosaur bones in the sandbox and were hilariously impressed with themselves for succeeding.

When i finally managed to tear them away, we walked the boardwalk, which really is just lovely. It was all three kids' favorite part. The gardens were nearly empty today, so everything was pretty quiet, and we saw loads and loads of frogs, turtles, ducks, swans, chipmunks, squirrels, butterflies, and other creatures.

By the time we got to the farm, all three kids were fading, so we headed out. It's one of the things i love about having a membership - we don't have to try to get our money's worth out of each day. We can go for an hour or two and then just leave!

I really needed to go grocery shopping, so to make it an adventure, i bought everyone the Meijer version of the Slurpee right away, and they all sucked on those the entire trip. Yay! (Also, Zane needed new toothpaste, so i let him choose some, and he got Crayola brand, which all three kids thought was hilarious. They could not stop talking about how he was going to be brushing his teeth with melted crayons!!! Melted crayons!!! So funny!!!)

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