Friday, June 24, 2016

Harry Potter! In the Park!

Tonight Houston, Katrina, Beth, and i went to "Harry Potter in the Park." It was fun - a little bit cheesy, and definitely put on by amateurs rather than professionals, but fun.

We got sorted into houses. They gave us a sheet of paper with 10 questions on it, including things like "Left or Right?" and "Black or White?" and then did a whole little Sorting Hat ceremony for each person. And amazingly, every single one of us was sorted into the house that we actually belong in, so somehow those 10 questions were pretty accurate. Houston, Katrina, and i are all Hufflepuffs (according to Pottermore, the Harry Potter website that JK Rowling herself helped build), and Beth is a Ravenclaw.

(Side note: Hufflepuff is widely regarded as the lamest of houses, and yet, i think there were more people sporting Hufflepuff scarves/shirts/etc. than any other house. So.) (I don't know what that's meant to prove, but it made me happy.)

Blandford Nature Center came and did a whole talk about owls, including 5-6 of the owls they own. The owls were actually Houston and Katrina's favorite part of the whole shindig. (They WERE really cute.)

We got to make wands and flying key necklaces, and Katrina "transfigured" a rock into an owl (using paint). We tossed gnomes. We watched "wizard rock bands." We walked around and smiled a lot about all of the other people wearing their Harry Potter shirts or (better yet) fully dressed up as characters.

So yes. Fun! Yay!

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