Tuesday, June 21, 2016

RIP Boshsquash, Greetings Velvet and Ruby

We got Boshsquash in March 2015, and she immediately made Katrina and Juanito fall in love with her. We're pretty sure that she was diabetic, because she drank a ridiculous amount of water, but she was very sweet and cuddly.

She died this afternoon, unexpectedly, and Katrina and Juanito are both pretty crushed. Katrina came downstairs a bit before midnight, weeping because she just misses Boshsquash so much. And Juanito texted me from work to tell me that he's actually really sad about it too. The boys are a lot more stoic about the whole thing.

In a weird coincidence, Katrina and Zane had just bought themselves Beta fish this morning. Zane's is mostly red and is named Velvet, and Katrina's is mostly blue and is named Ruby. They both have them in their rooms, decorated with fancy rocks and glow-in-the-dark plastic plants. Zane's argument for getting a fish was, "I've never had a fish that lived for more than a few hours!" To which my response was, "That's not really a compelling argument...."

So our pet total was briefly five before dropping almost immediately back down to four. 

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