Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fun with friends!

September came over for the day today, and the kids were thrilled, especially Katrina. September's one of those weird friends that my kids mostly only know about because we talk about her family fairly often, but when they were little, Sep's family lived in town and we saw them regularly, so they totally were friends back then. And since they totally used to be friends, they're still totally friends as far as my kids are concerned.

For the entire morning and most of the afternoon, the kids played games. They taught September Exploding Kittens and This game was not playtested and Dweebies and Loopz. We all played Uno Roboto. They played Twister and ... i don't even know what else. And September helped Katrina finish up the game that she'd made up and had been working on finishing.

I wish we had neighbor kids that my kids really liked, because they all had so much fun and played together incredibly well.

And then, this afternoon, Juanito woke up just in time for me to leave him with the kids and run away for dinner and a movie with Beth. We say "The Boss," which has two actresses i love, and which i liked better than i might have, but not as much as i wanted to. I laughed really hard quite a lot, but then there were an equal number of parts where i was cringing in uncomfortableness. all kind of evened out, and i liked it okay, but it's not one that i'd want to watch over and over.

Hanging out with Beth was fun, though! Yay!

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