Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter camp

This past weekend the 5th-8th graders went to winter camp. Houston didn't want to go this year, but Katrina was thrilled to go. Beth and i went with our group of girls, five of whom went.

Fifth graders are kind of insane. And also, they love candy more than anything else in the world. Our friend Andrew, who was in charge of an insane number of boys, pointed out that screaming is a close second.

It was a crazy weekend, completely filled with activities and craziness from before sunrise until after midnight every day. It was exhausting.

But i think that it was really great for building relationships with the girls who were there. I think that it strengthened the relationships between the girls. And the speaker was amazing.

One of my favorite parts, honestly, was that Katrina kept popping up all over the place. She came with our group for a couple of things, but mostly she was with her own group and would just come running over to say hi when she saw us. I absolutely love that she still wants to do that. 

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