Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Snow day

Last night, Katrina and Zane set about carrying out every single superstition in the world to try to get themselves a snow day today. They set a white (or silver) crayon on every single windowsill in the entire house, put ice cubes in the toilet, slept with their pajamas on inside out and backwards, refused to say the words "snow day," instead saying only "yad wons" (snow day backwards), and yelled "SNOW DAY" into the freezer.

And today we had a snow day. So...i guess it worked.

Most mornings, Katrina wakes up with her alarm, but i have to wake Zane up and drag Houston out of bed. This morning, all three kids were up and wide awake and raring to go by 7:00. Katrina and Zane played in the woods by our house for a couple of hours, we snuggled under blankets and watched a movie, and then we went to the park to go sledding for an hour and a half.

And then Katrina and Zane went with Juanito to zumba. Houston snuggled up next to me and took a nap for an hour, until i woke him up to go to a meeting that he wanted to go to for "Willing to Wait."
He doesn't seem to have a very clear idea of what he'll be doing with that group, but he's excited to belong to it. Afterwards he said, "Before i went, i didn't think i'd probably like it, but it was really fun!" So. Yay!

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