Friday, January 15, 2016

Pizza Movie Night

My mom and dad joined us for Pizza-Movie night for the first time, and it was totally great. We made a million pizzas (okay, eight) and watched "Galaxy Quest," because it's a great movie that my parents hadn't seen AND because it has Alan Rickman in it and we wanted to watch something in remembrance of him. (Because he died yesterday, and we are all sad.) And everyone laughed a lot and gasped in the right places and generally thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

Sometimes i wish that we had a bigger family room in which to watch movies, because i love having people join us, but it does make for some cramped seating. Tonight my parents, Katrina, and Zane were all on the couch, and Emma was miserable until she could join them. My dad pretended not to like it, but i think that the evidence is a little bit stacked against him....

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