Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Zane has a test in social studies. I have a test in patience.

Helping Zane study is like pulling teeth.

It might actually be harder than pulling teeth. It's certainly harder than pulling baby teeth that are already loose and just need a quick yank. I've never pulled any other teeth.

The thing is, even when he is amenable to studying, he's hard to keep focused. Add in two siblings, a dog, and a dad who wander around and do things like "exist" and "occasionally say words," and he's just distracted beyond all reason. Even without distractions, he often ends up sitting upside-down on the couch, with his butt in the air. (Why, yes, he is ADD. How did you guess?)

This afternoon we studied and studied and studied immigration and emailed his teacher, because he hadn't brought home his notes and i wasn't sure about which countries they were actually studying in particular, which was somewhat important, and studied some more. And then we took a break to review multiplication. And then we studied.

And he's really smart, and once he actually pays attention and gets the information into his head, he's really great at remembering it. Getting it in there, though? TORTURE. For both of us.

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