Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015, in lists

Five states we visited:
1. Colorado
2. South Dakota
3. Kentucky
4. Ohio
5. Florida (Well, only me, but i'm still putting it on the list!)

Four special destinations therein:
1. Tony and Meloni's wedding
2. Mount Rushmore
3. The Badlands
4. Harry Potter World (Only me. But STILL.)

Eight of the books i read to the kids:
1. Harry Potter books 6 and 7 with Katrina
2. Harry Potter book 3 with Zane
3. Furiously Happy (with me editing out the swear words)
4. Let's Pretend This Never Happened (again, with me editing out non-child-appropriate parts)
5. The Bridge to Terabithia
6. Hyperbole and a Half (mostly - we have a few chapters to go)
7. The Last Present (from the Willow Falls series)

Six (groups of) far-away people we saw:
1. Tony and Meloni
2. Karen D
3. Juanito's family in Kentucky
4. Rick and Ashley and their kids
5. My South Dakota relatives
6. Sam and Shelbi and their family

Ten fun places we went:
1. Detroit (and, briefly, Canada) with Beth
2. The Pirate exhibit at the museum
3. I'm putting the U2 concert on the list, even though i'm the only one who went. Because it was amazing. 
4. Camping with my parents
5. Kalahari with my entire family
6. Great Wolf Lodge with Karen D.
7. Houston and Katrina went to Winter Camp
8. Juanito took a trip to Detroit with his scooter
9. Balloon Festival
10. Shipshewana

Fourteen random things we did:
1. Houston got a concussion
2. Katrina got her hair cut short
3. Juanito was an artist in ArtPrize
4. We all got used to having a dog again
5. Katrina ran in three 5Ks.
6. The kids got to see the king and queen from the Netherlands
7. The kids got multiple hermit crabs, all of whom eventually died
8. We watched a house on our street get completely demolished
9. Katrina finally got a door on her room
10. Houston made himself a tabletop out of bottle caps
11. Visited ArtPrize a ton
12. Juanito and the kids dressed up as zombies and scared people for the Zombie Dash
13. Zane was in Boy Scouts again, and loved it
14. Houston learned to crochet, and Katrina learned how to knit on a loom

Eight things we loved:
1. Juanito loved Zumba...
2. ...and building his speakers and amplifiers
3. Katrina loved running
4. Zane loved listening to books on audiotape, especially Percy Jackson and Harry Potter
5. Houston loved Doctor Who
6. Zane loved riding his bike
7. Houston loved chickens
8. Katrina loved drawing, especially girls with fashionable clothes

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