Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Karaoke, middle school style

This is the face of a happy boy who has just been reunited with his favorite hat. He forgot it in Kentucky and just got it back tonight. Joy!

Houston had a Christmas party with the "Willing to Wait" group tonight. The first thing he told me about the party (Well, the second thing. The first was that when they did the present-picking, he was the last person to get to pick and ended up with his own present. He was okay with that.) was, "We did karaoke!"

Me: "Really?! What song did you do?"
Him: "Um, what?"
Me: "In karaoke. Which song did you sing?"
Him: "All of them?"
Me: ".....?"
Him: ".....?"
Me: "So, like...did you all sing all of the songs?"
Him: "Yes...."
Me: "As a group?"
Him: "Yeah." (Meaning, "Duh.")

Apparently they assumed middle and high schoolers wouldn't sing by themselves anyhow, so group karaoke it is! Yay!

Anyhow. He had fun. I'm happy that he's found a group he enjoys being involved in. And i'm incredibly amused that it's one in which he's going to have to talk about sex. Or lack thereof.

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