Sunday, January 3, 2016

Our Advent Activities this year

For our Advent calendar with the activities this year, we did some of the same things as we've done in previous years, but i tried to add in some new and hopefully fun things and took out some of the things we've done year after year, that the kids have kind of outgrown. And so this was the list of activities for the month of December, leading up to Christmas:

  1. Start Secret Santa
  2. YouTube search "Funny Christmas videos"
  3. Make snowflakes
  4. Gay Men's Choir downtown
  5. Put out shoes for Sinterklaas
  6. An Evening in Bethlehem (a recreation of Bethlehem when Jesus was born)
  7. Christmas Mad Libs
  8. Make cards for teachers
  9. Build a snowman (out of cups)
  10. Make paper garlands
  11. Curl up on the couch and watch a Christmas movie
  12. Christmas Fair with Mrs. Claus
  13. Candlelight Christmas service at a church downtown
  14. Do a silly photo shoot
  15. Fazoli's Christmas party
  16. Band concert at school
  17. Christmas craft
  18. Sleepover on the floor while watching Christmas movies
  19. Celebrate Christmas with Beth and Keren
  20. Watch a Christmas movie
  21. Christmas party with the cousins
  22. Drive (or walk) around and look at Christmas lights or decorations
  23. Open stockings
  24. Celebrate Christmas with the entire family
  25. Christmas!

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