Monday, February 1, 2016

This morning.

We had a bird fly into our house this morning.

Katrina was going to let Emma in, except Emma wasn't right by the door when she opened it. So Katrina left the door open and walked outside to call Emma. A sparrow, seeing the open door leading to light, apparently thought that this would be a good place to be (???) and flew in. I was in the kitchen and saw a weird shadow out of the corner of my eye, but didn't process it as anything, until Houston, in the front room, yelled, "There's a bird in the house!"

Zane let out a terrified noise and ran to the bathroom, where he locked the door. So that the bird couldn't open it, i guess. Katrina crawled under the table and cowered there. I opened the front door, grabbed Emma, and pulled her into the reading room with me. Houston ran to open the back door.

After only half a minute or so, Houston yelled, "It flew out!"

Everyone finished getting ready for school and we left.

After dropping the kids off, i came home and sat down at my computer to check my email. Something bumped against the wall next to Juanito's computer, hard enough to make one of his papers move, and i thought, "Geez. What just hit the outside of our house?" Because i am dumb.

Two seconds later, the bird flew past my head. I screamed. Emma looked at me with utter confusion. The bird flew into the other room. I typed a panicked "THE BIRD IS STILL IN THE HOUSE" message on facebook, just in case the bird attacked me and people needed to know what had happened to me, and then i ran to open the back door. Meanwhile the bird flew back to the front room.

I came to find it, and it flew past me again. I screamed. Emma stood by me looking completely bewildered. I chased the bird to the kitchen (possibly screaming). It flew out the door at the same time that Emma stepped outside. I slammed the door.

I then calmed myself down by emptying the dishwasher and doing a few other chores. After a while, i realized that Emma hadn't barked to come in yet, even though she's not usually wanting to be outside for that long. I opened the door to check on her...and found her cowering in the exact place she had been when i shut the door. Apparently my screaming and slamming the door behind her made her really sad and confused and miserable.

And that's how i traumatized my dog today.

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