Monday, February 15, 2016


The boys have gotten hex bugs and hex bug tracks for various birthday and Christmas presents, but Katrina was busy getting more "girly" things like American Girl Doll clothes or roller skates, and so she wasn't really in the hex bug circle of coolness.

And so she asked for a pink hex bug for Christmas. She could then race her brothers...but she still didn't have any tracks of her own. So this birthday, she wanted a hex bug track. And lo, there was much rejoicing when she got one.

She and Zane have been putting their tracks together to make different obstacles and paths and battle zones. There is lots of giggling and cheering and coaxing their favorites to win. They are having loads of fun.

It's interesting to watch my kids go through stages with each other. For a while, Katrina and Zane will be doing everything together; playing outside in the "forest," making up complex stories to act out, dressing up silly. Meanwhile, Houston is all, "I'm a teenager now, and i don't want to play your silly games." And then suddenly, Houston and Zane will be totally wrestling each other and building Legos. And then Katrina and Houston will spend days playing games and drawing comics together.

Sometimes a fairy will waver her magic wand over the house, and the kids will spend a magical few hours all playing a game together happily or all building things with Legos together, but not as often as i'd expect, especially since they all really get along well most of the time. Once they're all playing something together, something invariably happens to make two of them get upset with each other - usually Houston and Zane (Houston is overly sensitive sometimes and Zane is not always the most sensitive person) - and then there are tears and shouts, and it all falls apart.

I love that they all really do like each other, though. Even with the bickering and pestering, they all genuinely enjoy each other. And hopefully, by the time they're in their ... twenties?... the bickering will stop.

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