Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday night dates

Tonight was the Daddy-daughter dance at our school. (Side question: Why isn't there a Mommy-son night?)

Katrina has been deciding for weeks what to wear, and was completely excited about tonight. She even helped me look at cute hairstyles a few days ago to pick one out for tonight. She got home from school, showered (because she'd had Jump Rope for Heart this afternoon), and got dressed immediately. We blew her hair mostly dry, and i fancied it up for her, and then she picked out all of her jewelry and shoes and made herself adorable. Meanwhile, Juanito ran to the Goodwill to see if he could find a purple shirt. Men.

They went out for Chinese food to make it even more special. And then, from all accounts, they ate a lot of chocolate and danced and danced and danced and had a fabulous time.

Meanwhile, Zane used his Christmas present "Date with Beth" coupon tonight. He got home from school and exclaimed, "Only one and a half hours until my date!!!" And then he changed from his muddy jeans into clean ones and changed his shirt and sweater to look more fancy and handsome. (Though he wouldn't say handsome. He hates being called that.) The two of them went to Noodles for dinner and then to the theater to watch "Kung Fu Panda 3." Zane got to eat macaroni and cheese, popcorn, and gobstoppers. They sat in the fancy reclining seats. And from all accounts, they had a marvelous time.

And that left Houston and me alone. Yay! Alone time with Houston! He spent the first hour talking on the phone to his friend, which actually worked out well, because by that time it was safe for us to go to Noodles. (Zane had very specifically told us that he didn't want us to be around for his date.) We ate delicious food and had fun talking to each other, and then we headed back home to watch a "silly, dumb movie" - Houston's request. I looked at our movies and gleefully chose "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," one of the silliest, dumbest, and most hilariously awesome movies ever. Houston and i giggled a lot, and he has decided that from now on he's going to use the phrase, "Kill him a lot!" all the time.

So there was no pizza-movie night tonight, but everyone had tons of fun. Yay!

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