Monday, February 29, 2016

Spirit Week and Juanito's birthday

So last week was Spirit Week. I posted on Monday, and then kind of dropped the ball. So the rest of the week went as follows:

Tuesday was "Dress like an animal" day. I was all, "Seriously?! How are you supposed to dress like an ANIMAL?" Because we don't have animal costumes lying around, and we were certainly not going to go out and buy any or spend the time and energy to make one. I thought to myself, "Psh. Nobody is going to do this one!" We borrowed a couple of noses from Beth, and Houston wore his Minecraft pig scarf, and we called it good. And then we pulled up to the school, and one of the teachers was wearing an amazing full-on T-Rex costume, and was directing traffic in it.

After school, i asked them if people had dressed up, and they were all, "YEAH! Like, way more than yesterday!" (Although, they did allow that the day before had been Monday, and most people probably just forgot.) Apparently a lot of people have animal pajamas and animal costumes just sitting around for this kind of occasion.

Wednesday was pajama day. I didn't even take a picture, because a good portion of my pictures of my kids already have them in pajamas, because when they're at home, they generally spend every minute possible wearing their pajamas.

Thursday was supposed to be homeroom wars, but there was a snow day, so they ended up doing it today instead. Houston's class did "Scrabble." He had to wear a black shirt, and then apparently they each had a letter to wear. Zane's class did neon. According to him, a lot of the kids in his class wear neon all the time. We...don't have any neon in our house. We do have a bright green shirt with a bug on it, that's maybe a little bit close to being neon? So he wore that.

Katrina's class did the 80's. (Which...geez. That was 30 years ago!? I am old!) Katrina wore a dress that once belonged to one of my younger sisters, complete with the giant lacy collar and shoulder pads. We put her hair in a side ponytail, and i let her wear my "Be Fri" necklace (of which Karen D. has the "St Ends" half). I would have put blue eye shadow on her, but my supply of makeup is somehow missing the blue eye shadow.

Friday was sports day. I let Houston wear my 1985 Bears Superbowl sweatshirt that is awesome and is also kind of falling apart a little bit. I asked him if anyone said anything about it, and he told me, "Yes. They said, 'That's really big on you.'" And yes. It IS typically 1980's baggy. But it was totally stylish back then! Katrina dressed like a runner. She wore her long-sleeved 5K shirt under her Color Run t-shirt, with her Color Run headband, yoga pants, and all of her medals. She clanked every time she moved. She was adorable.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *  

Tuesday was Juanito's birthday. I made him a couple of cakes - one German chocolate and one Devil's food, and then he very, very carefully put them together in diagonal layers, with fancy pudding-filling in between layers, so that it was all very beautiful. And then he very carefully frosted it with homemade chocolate frosting. And then he decorated it in a Cake Wrecks style. And then he started to put it on the table, and i was all, "Don't put it on the table, because Emma might get at it." So he put it up on the back of the counter in the kitchen and went to teach zumba.

I did some cooking and then left the kitchen (carefully shutting the gate behind me) to quick wrap presents. And Katrina and Zane ran through the kitchen on their way to somewhere, forgetting to shut the gate behind them, and a couple of minutes later...we found Emma, happily eating the edge of the cake. The kids tried to convince me that we could fix it: "If we just cover that part with frosting?" But it was unfixable. Sad.

But Beth came over to help make dinner and to celebrate with us. And dinner was very delicious. And presents! (Nearly every present from me was food. Because Juanito is impossible to buy presents for. Impossible.) And the cake was really long as we cut off the parts that Emma had gotten near.

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