Wednesday, July 8, 2015


(Y'know what? I'll get to our vacation out west AFTER this weekend, when things will calm down a little bit and be more back to normal.)

So this afternoon, almost my entire family went to SkyZone to jump on the trampolines and flip into the foam pit and generally have fun and get sweaty and be joyous.

All three of my kids - and, actually, the rest of the bigger kids and adults - spent the better part of the first half hour jumping into the foam pit.

Zane was all nervous about the foam pit, and asked for a detailed description of what it was like as we were driving there. He really, really wanted to like it, but he really, really didn't want to get hurt. Once he jumped into it the first time, he was hooked. He leapt again and again, and eventually got brave enough to try doing a flip into it. And then another flip, and another and another.

Katrina learned how to do a front flip on the trampoline, though she still can't land on her feet. She had SO much fun just leaping around on the trampolines. I think she split her time pretty evenly between the normal trampolines and the foam pit.

Houston says that he spent a long time playing dodge ball, and then realized that he really doesn't enjoy dodge ball at all. I'm not entirely sure what else he did, but he was completely, completely sweaty by the end of it. The kind of sweaty that only a teenaged boy can be.

Near the end of our time, Zane was playing dodge ball and got hit in the face. He walked out of the pit weeping, and one of the managers just happened to be right there. Just as Zane reached me, the manager came and said, "You're being very brave. Sometimes when kids get hurt, i give them a free Icee, and that makes them feel better. Would you like one?" So then Zane was both weeping in pain and completely giddy with happiness about getting an Icee. 

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