Sunday, July 26, 2015


We went to Grand Haven today, to have lunch at a park with my family, and then from there went to my Grandpa's house. We visited with my grandpa for a little while, and then headed down to the beach. This week finally feels like summer - it's hot enough to actually want to maybe go into the lake and everything!

The kids had tons of fun playing in the water and the sand. The adults had fun soaking up some sunshine. We celebrated Kelly and Wyatt's and Chellie's birthdays, and could easily have celebrated Jill's, Rick's, and Zane's as well, but Jill and Rick weren't there, and Zane decided to wait until next time so that he could have a cake and singing all to himself. (Also, i think that he didn't want to be the center of THAT much attention.)

And then our family drove back to Grand Rapids to go see the movie "Inside Out" with Beth and Stephanie. All of us have been waiting and waiting to get to see that movie, and it really was incredibly good. It's all feelings-y and totally made me cry. Afterwards, Houston told me that he cried during it, both from laughing so hard and from sadness, and in the parking lot he cried into my shoulder for a few minutes, because he was so, so sad about one of the characters. It's one of those movies that, almost as soon as it was over, i thought, "Okay. I'm going to need to watch that again."

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