Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Years ago, before we had kids, we painted Katrina's room in super-bright colors, and then had friends come over and paint their feet and walk around to make footprints. It was weird, but i loved it.

When Katrina was born and we realized that we were going to have to use that room as an actual bedroom for these kids that we were having, we started thinking about making it more bedroom-friendly.

Step one: Carpet! Which, sadly, meant that the footprints were covered up in all but the closets. The carpet came from someone who was getting rid of it - i want to say...my parents? - and we just threw it down, trimmed it a little, and called it good.

Step two: Paint! I'm not sure why this was step two and not step one. Regardless, we did the paint after the carpet, and in the process, a whole can of paint was knocked over right in the middle of the carpet. And so, for as long as we've had that room as a bedroom, basically, there's been a giant stiff blob of white-ish paint right in the middle of the carpet.

And that is why, when my parents' bathroom flooded recently, resulting in new ceilings downstairs and new carpets upstairs, and they offered us the only-slightly-stained-along-one-edge carpet that they were ripping out, we were all, "SURE!"

So Katrina's getting "new"carpet. The boys are all jealous. They're going to be even more jealous when they realize that she also gets the padding underneath, so it'll actually be soft.

Today: get rid of the old carpet. Tomorrow: hopefully put in the new stuff.

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