Thursday, July 23, 2015


Houston has been collecting bottle caps since he was two. (I actually accidentally have pictures of him starting his collection. I obviously didn't realize THEN that this would become a 10+ -year-long thing, but he was finding them and picking them up and being cute, and.... Well, i'm me.) Recently, he was all, "Hey! It might be cool if i took a bunch of them and made a table top with them? Do you think i could do that?"

And so he and Juanito set to work. Juanito slapped together a few boards. Houston carefully, carefully chose the caps he wanted to use and then glued them on. Juanito shaved the extra half-inch of board off the ends, and tonight they poured resin all over it to hold it in place. It's really cool. The legs will come soon....

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  

Houston was actually the bright spot of my day today. Other than that, it was kind of crappy.

Our pipes have filled with tree roots (stupid 115-year-old house), so our basement flooded itself with sewage, which is just as awesome as you'd imagine. Last night, Juanito tried to snake the drains, but the stupid roto rooter that we'd rented was all broken, so he finally gave up at about 12:30. This morning he brought it back at 7:30 and was all, "So...your machine is broken and doesn't work." And the lady was all, "Well, if you'd have brought it back at 6:00 when we open, we could have switched it out for you." Um...? O...kay? Customer service at its best. And so he rented another one this afternoon and worked on it again, and he thinks it solved the problem, except that THIS snake had a big kink in it, so it still didn't work properly. Stupid Home Depot. And so Juanito spent the past two days working in literal crap. Poor him.

Katrina's friend Alex came over for the entire day, which was great because she's lovely. Except that for some reason, Katrina was very annoying with a million requests for extras all day. "Can we go to the park?" (Yes.) "Can we go to the pool? How about this other pool? How about the pool in Alex's backyard? Can we go to the ice cream shop? How about can we get ice cream at home??" (No! Oh my gosh! Your friend is here! PLAY!)

And Zane wins the prize by breaking the teacup that i got from my grandma when she died. He was throwing stuff for the dog, even though i've told him approximately eleventy million times to NOT DO THAT THERE because there were fragile things around that, and he knocked it off and it shattered. I'm a little bit devastated. And even though i know that he's sorry, he's completely refusing to acknowledge it, refusing to say sorry.

After dinner, Houston was walking past, and i said, "Sorry. I'm really not being interesting at all right now." And he was all, "It's fine! You were interesting all day! If i'm interesting for even a quarter of the day, i'm exhausted!" I love him.

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  1. At least Juanito was able to act upon your drainage woes. You can't have the sewage blocking that drain in time for the upcoming rainy season. And with that kind of sludge, you're really going to need some backup to get things through.

    Florencio Emanuel @ Kerrisdale Roofing And Drains