Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Just another summer day

Zane and i were at the dog park today, when a huge hawk swooped down to try to catch something right by us. Both of us gasped in awe and watched it land on the fence just on the side of the fence separating the big dogs from the small dogs. And then it just sat there, watching us.

Zane: "It's an owl!"
Me: "No, it's a hawk."
Zane: "I'm pretty sure it's an owl."
Me: "Um...definitely a hawk. Look at his head."
Zane: *skeptical look.

We stood there watching it for a moment, and when it became clear that he was just going to sit there looking at us, i walked over to the fence to get a better look. And Zane exclaimed, "I need to go tell the others!!!" and ran off to do that. And that right there is a perfect picture of the difference between the two of us. He eventually moved into the small dog area where there was one lady by herself, sat down next to her, and proceeded to talk to her for the next 15 minutes. Which is really what he does every time we go. He knows lots of the dogs by name and has long conversations with their owners. Such a social kid!

And then this afternoon, Zane made friends with all of the neighbors that could possibly live nearby. A couple of them gathered, and then he brought the guinea pigs out to show them, and more gathered, and eventually there were about 10 kids in our backyard, most of whom i've never seen before. Yay!?

Meanwhile, Houston and Katrina spent the better part of the day working on crafty stuff. They watched videos about how to make different kinds of bracelets with their Rainbow Looms, and then made a whole slew of different kinds. Katrina also made a couple of Minecraft squares out of perler beads for Zane for his birthday. So much craftiness! I love it!

When Juanito got home, we set to work getting the carpet into Katrina's room. We are definitely not professional carpet layers, but it's there and i think it's mostly pretty good. And as long as everything needed to come out anyhow, we completely rearranged Katrina's room. She's now sleeping on a mattress on the floor because her bed frame wouldn't fit where she wanted the bed, but she's completely happy.

AND THEN Juanito discovered that our pipes are completely rebelling, so while he was at zumba, i went to rent a roto rooter so that he could try to snake out the drains, and he did try for about 3 hours, but the stupid roto rooter that i rented is all disfunctional, so it's completely not working. Poor Juanito. So he'll have to do that again tomorrow, i guess. Sad.

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