Thursday, July 9, 2015


Katrina slept over at my mom's house last night, along with several of her cousins, and she come home really happy but SO SLEEPY this afternoon. By the time i told the kids to go to bed, she practically ran up the stairs to go to sleep.

Which, really, is fair, considering that the boys and i spent a lot of time being quiet and accidentally falling asleep for 10-15 minutes at a time. I kept trying to read, and then suddenly i'd realize that i fell asleep again. I guess that's fair, given the amount of sleep i was behind on.

We're going to a water park-thing this weekend with my whole family, which means that i need an actual bathing suit. I technically had one, except that it's really old and incredibly unflattering, and it makes me sad to wear it. So i went bathing suit shopping today. Blech. I am not a fan of the bathing suit shopping. There are too many that, because i am tall and somewhat busty, are incredibly indecent-looking. Nearly all, in fact, get immediately discarded because i would be constantly accidentally flashing everyone. However! I did manage to find one that looks decent and covers all of the things it should cover. Yay! And the top and bottom are separates, and Beth has a top that also looks acceptable on me that she's letting me borrow, so i won't even have to put on a wet suit if we come out and then go back in.

And that was my day.

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