Sunday, June 25, 2017


We spent most of the day at my parents' house today. The kids all played together like crazy. It was a pretty chilly day, especially for the end of June, which meant that they could all run around outside for hours without getting sweaty and hot. So...i guess that's one thing that the cool weather is good for. (I would still choose to have it be hot most of the time. At least in summer.)

I spent a lot of the day being the token Democrat in a house full of Republicans, so...that was exciting.

Hey! Let me tell you about what Zane is like in church! That's not political!

So Zane is Zane, which means that he is a wiggler and a fidgeter, and he is not someone who can sit still and listen to anything for half an hour. Even when i'm reading Harry Potter, which he wants desperately to listen to, he spends the entire time moving and flipping upside down and hanging off the couch and .... So there's no way that he could sit and even pretend to listen to the sermon, and if we tried to make him just sit still, he'd drive everyone in the entire section insane. So we let him bring things to do.

He has an entire binder that he's assembled over the past year, and it includes paper and pencils with which to draw, comic books, books about facts about nature, Boys' Life magazine, and i don't even know what else. And with it he is able to mostly sit still.

And then, when we are standing and singing, he usually goes back and forth between Juanito and me, hugging one of us for an entire song, then switching to the other, and back. He does not like the loudness of the singing, and during the singing he does not sing along, but then i often hear him singing or humming the songs we sang later on in the week.

And lately, for reasons that i cannot possibly BEGIN to explain, he has started crab-walking everywhere. Today we were walking back down the aisle after communion, and he randomly dropped to the ground and crab-walked the rest of the way to our row. And he's crazy fast at it - he can crab-walk easily as fast as a normal person can walk quickly. He is absolutely one of the weirdest kids sometimes. (And i did have to tell him that crab-walking is not appropriate in some venues.

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