Thursday, June 29, 2017

Library! Picnic!

Today all three kids came to work with me. I gave them each a scavenger hunt-like list of things to find in the library (authors with our last name, a book with the word "chicken" in it, a place you'd like to visit). Houston and Katrina both found every single thing. Zane got about halfway before giving up, which honestly? Is more than i'd kind of expected. They all had fun, and i was super-proud of how really well-behaved they all were. I have a lot of groups of kids to compare them to now, and they were absolutely awesome.

Tonight we had a picnic with all of the relatives from my mom's side of the family that live in the general area. Or at least all of the relatives who could make it. The picnic was supposed to be yesterday, but we got rained out, so we moved it to today instead. And for most of the time, it was perfect. After we ate and had been sitting talking for a little while, it started to look and feel like it was going to rain. (Me: "It's going to rain." My dad: "No - i was looking at the radar, and it showed that there's no rain!" Me: "Um, i'm looking at the sky, and ... it's going to rain." 3 minutes later: Rain.)

So it started drizzling, and then it started raining in earnest, but only in spurts. My kids are the proverbial "not smart enough to come in out of the rain" type of kids, apparently, because as soon as it started raining, they all ran around getting soaked while the rest of us took shelter under the pavilion.

Some people left as soon as it started raining. Some of us stayed and talked with some of the relatives we just don't see very often. And i was reminded, as i am every time we get together with family, that i just really, really like my relatives.

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  1. I am so totally delighted that my grandkids get the privilege of having cousins/rellies of all shapes and sizes to be with. Not happening at my home of origin, or from our Moore rellies. Go Martinuses/Addinks.