Sunday, June 11, 2017

Here we go again. Hopefully.

So here's the thing: I don't actually have any good excuse for not writing. I mean, i have excuses. A big part of it was that i just didn't write and then i didn't write again and then i was going to have to catch up or just ignore everything that happened that i didn't write about, and that was just overwhelming or sad, so i just...kept not writing. And then i missed Houston's birthday, which meant that i was going to have to write that before going on,'s been three months, and it would be kind of weird to be all, "So it was Houston's March...." And so here i am, in June. 

Things that have happened: 

1. Houston had a birthday. He's 15 now, and i really should write a post about him, because he really is just still absolutely awesome, especially for a teenager. I might still write that post. Or i might not. (I wouldn't probably hold my breath, though.)

2. Beth and i went see U2's Joshua Tree reunion tour concert, and it was AMAZING. Because...U2!!! We were really far back, and they were essentially just tiny little figures way, way down there, but their concerts are just incredible, and i don't even care that we couldn't really see them. 

3. We got to visit with Karen and Amiya on Memorial day. Everyone in my family is just utterly besotted with Amiya. She is darling and adorable and i so, so wish that we lived closer! And it was also fun to get to hang out with Karen and catch up with her a little bit. (She is also quite awesome.)

4. Katrina got two baby guinea pigs. They're sisters, even though they don't look alike at all, and if we hadn't gotten them straight from the owners who were all, "This is the mom and this is the dad, and here are the three siblings," i would not have believed that they were related. The third sibling was a boy, and we do NOT want more guinea pigs, so we couldn't take him. I'm hoping that he didn't actually end up as snake food.

5. The kids had Spring Break, and we didn't actually go away this year. Instead we drove out to Detroit for one day and spent it exploring the city, and then we drove to Chicago for another day and went to the zoo for half of the day and then walked around the city (and walked and walked) for the rest of it. We also visited my Aunt Angie's house in Kalamazoo (which is HUGE and amazing and my kids were all, "Can we go back there soon?") and went to Meijer Gardens for a day. So nobody was sitting around bored.

6. Katrina had two band concerts and Zane also had one. Both of them love band this year, which makes me really, really happy, because Katrina absolutely loves playing her flute and didn't enjoy band at all the past two years. The band director is new this year, and she is so obviously much, much, much better than the past two directors. No comparison. This last concert, the 7th and 8th graders played all movie music, and the kids were encouraged to dress up in a costume from one of the movies whose music they were playing. Katrina borrowed our friend Keren's Princess Leia dress, and she was the cutest Leia ever. (There were a couple of girls dressed up as cats, and Keren, Beth, and i were all trying to figure out what movie they were from, and i was all, "Well. They're playing James Bond. They might be dressed up as Pussy Galore????" Which seemed incredibly inappropriate, but...? But then they started playing "The Pink Panther," and we were all, "OH! GOOD!!!!!")

7. Juanito and i both had our birthdays and now we are both halfway to 90. That's like...really old.

8. We moved the kids' bedrooms around! Katrina moved into the room on the ground floor that has served, at various times, as computer room, home school room, art room, and reading room. Zane moved into Katrina's old room. And Houston now has his same bedroom to himself. They all love having their own rooms, and two of them have been doing a much, much better job of keeping them clean. (I won't name the one who's a slob, but his name starts with a Z.)

9. I started working at the library, and i love it. I work 20 hours a week, and i'm mostly at work while the kids are in school, so it's kind of a perfect schedule. I will be kind of sad this summer, though, when we don't have as much time to just do whatever we want whenever we want. 

And i think those are most of the highlights. 

This week is the last week of school (WOOHOO!), and that means that Houston has exams. This is a conversation we had on Friday afternoon:

Me: "So in English you've read 'To Kill a Mockingbird' and 'The Scarlet Letter' and 'Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God' and 'The Crucible' and...other stuff. But some of that was first semester. So which of those things are going to be on the exam? Do you know?"
Houston: "We're doing prefixes."
Me: ".....?"
Him: "What?"
Me: .....blink blink....
Him: "What?"
Me: "What do you mean you're 'doing prefixes'?"
Him: "We're doing prefixes."
Me: "For the exam?"
Him: "Yes."
Me: "Like...knowing what they mean?"
Him: "Yes."
Me: "And...that's all that's on the exam?"
Him: "Yes."
Me: "That makes no sense. Have you studied prefixes?"
Him: "Yes."
Me; "Oh my gosh! Give me more to work with here!!!! WHY is the exam just prefixes?"
Him: "I don't know."

Seriously. Sometimes communication is really not Houston's strong suit.

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