Friday, June 16, 2017

Last day of school!!!

Today was the final day of the school year! Yay!!!! It also marks the very last time i will ever have any children in elementary school, because next year Zane will be in 6th grade, which is middle school. How did my kids get so old???

I didn't get to pick them up from school for their last day (sad!), but as soon as i got home, we headed out to Steak 'n Shake for our traditional start-of-summer shakes! Beth, who has been a part of the tradition as well, was only able to come for a short time, but she still showed up to celebrate with us, and that was awesome.

Because it's really hot and muggy, we decided to skip making the house even hotter by making pizzas, and instead we grilled hot dogs and brats and just had them for dinner instead. (And when i say "we" grilled, i actually mean "Juanito grilled.") It was a perfect first-day-of-summer dinner. 

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