Saturday, June 17, 2017


That's the only picture i actually took today, so i guess that's the one i'm using. Those were the shelves of kids DVDs when i got in this morning. And on the one hand, i get to have a feeling of accomplishment once they're all orderly again, but on the other hand, OMG WHO DOES THIS?!

Last night and into this morning it rained and poured and thundered and lightninged and was altogether impressive. Katrina and i both woke up early, way before the boys woke up, so we got to sit in the front room together and cuddle and quietly watch the storm. It was quite lovely.

And then i went to work, and then when i came home we cleaned the house, and then Juanito and Zane went to a bonfire at Zane's friend's house and i went to Beth's house and Katrina and Houston stayed home and rested. And that was today.

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