Thursday, June 15, 2017

Family! And a graduation for people we don't know!

My little brother Rick and his family surprised us all with a quick 1-night visit. Yay! Of course, it was the one day a week when i work until 4:00, and we had to be at the graduation for Katrina to play in band by 6:30, AND Juanito had a meeting at 4:00 with a potential ArtPrize vendor (He got it! He has a host place for ArtPrize! Yay!), so we ended up with approximately one hour to actually get to visit with them. But it was fun to get to see them even for a short little time. My parents got pizza for everyone, and every single person in my family was there (except one niece who is up at a cottage with friends), so it was insanely crowded and chaotic but awesome.

And then Juanito, the kids, my mom, and i all piled into the car and went to see Katrina play in band. The 7th graders were playing for the 8th graders' graduation, which meant that we had to go to 8th grade graduation for people we don't actually really know, but since everyone else was there to see the graduation, we got prime seats in the back near the band. Perfect! My mom was out of the state for Katrina's other concerts, so she was really happy to be able to make it to at least one of Katrina's performances. And, since it was only the 7th graders, we got to hear what they sounded like without the 8th graders. (Katrina has told us repeatedly that the 8th grade band is just terrible, so they make her band sound worse. And...i think she's actually right.)

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