Friday, June 23, 2017


I was sitting next to Houston today, and i noticed just how much his teeth actually have moved. He has big gaps in between teeth that used to be touching each other. Orthodontia is working! And also, weird! I would not have thought that that's what the first step would be, but i guess it makes sense.

Juanito, Katrina, and Zane went to pick strawberries this morning. (I was at work, but Katrina stepped up and "made sure to be really, really picky and only pick the good ones" in my place.) So now we have a whole bunch of fresh strawberries, some of which will hopefully stay good long enough that we can eat them tomorrow! Juanito's going to use some of them, he says, to make jam. And Zane desperately wants smoothies. So! Yay, strawberries!

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