Friday, September 2, 2016

Shakes, sleepovers, and pizza

We started out the summer by going for shakes with Beth, and so we figured that it was only fitting to end the summer the same way. Yum!!!

Houston and Zane's friends, Chauncey and Finneas came over this afternoon and are spending the night. Houston and Chauncey are trying to squeeze every single ounce of fun out the summer, and the little boys were sad that they'd missed out on their sleepover a few days ago.

Beth came over, and we had a very crowded, noisy, and fun pizza-movie night. We watched the fourth Harry Potter movie, since the kids assured me that i'd promised them we'd watch it this week. (I don't remember promising this, but we DID finish reading the book a few weeks ago, and ... sure, why not.)

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