Saturday, September 3, 2016


The boys' friends went home unexpectedly early this morning. Since it's a Saturday, it's the kids' day to get a morning to play on the computers, so while they played (mostly Minecraft), i went over to Beth's house. We sat on her porch and chatted for a couple of hours and i got to eat a yummy cinnamon roll that Beth surprised me with. Mmmm.

This afternoon, the kids started working on a new movie wherein they all become superheroes. For this movie, Emma is playing the Fairy Dogmother, so she was dressed in one of Katrina's old princess dresses. She was shockingly calm about it, even when she kept tripping on the long sleeve-thingies.

Tonight, Katrina and i started fixing a puzzle that i've apparently had since before 9-11, because it's of the New York City skyline, and the World Trade Towers are prominently featured. I've never fixed it before, and after starting it, i know why i've never done it before. It's ridiculously hard. We might finish it, but there's a pretty good chance that it'll end up getting packed back up for another 15 years.

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