Sunday, September 11, 2016

Apples and Sunday

Yesterday morning, Beth was all, "Apples are available for the picking right now!" And we agreed that we should totally go pick some. And rain was in the forecast but not until 2:00, so we planned to go at noon, which would give us at least a reasonable amount of time. YAY!

We had paid for the apples that we were going to pick and had just started - JUST started - picking our apples when it started drizzling. Katrina was all sad, and i assured her that, as long as it wasn't pouring, we'd still see the cats and goats. "As long as it wasn't pouring" was only seconds out of my mouth before it started pouring. Pouring. And in an apple orchard, there are thousands of trees, but none of them make for good cover, so within a few minutes we were all soaked to the skin. At first we tried to hide and seek cover - in boxes, in wagons, by the cats - but eventually we were all SO wet that we were like, "Forget it. Just embrace the rain, do what we want to do, and then we'll go home and get dry." So we picked the rest of our apples. Katrina and Houston held kittens (really, really cute kittens!). We pet the goats we were allowed to pet and "aaaaaawwwww!"ed over the teensy baby goats that were probably born earlier that same day, because they still had umbilical cords hanging off of them. We got donuts. We shivered a lot.

But we got apples! Delicious ones! So it was probably worth it. And, as Katrina said, "It was an experience."

(More pictures here.)

Today was the first Sunday with our new pastor AND the first Sunday back at Fifty6. I didn't get to see my girls much today, because i was checking a million people in and then we were just in the big group, but i was happy to see several of them again.

Zane was completely excited about starting Fifty6 this year, and in the middle of the singing he ran over to me and whispered, "I might have made a friend!" and then ran back. Katrina moved up to "The Element" this year, and she's completely disappointed that last year's pastor has left, because "I liked her SO much better!" And Houston is now in Anthem, the high school group, of course. 

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