Thursday, September 8, 2016


Last night my brother and sister-in-law had twins, and they are teensy and adorable and i would hold them all day if i could. The little girl is Eloise Grace and she was 4 pounds, 11 ounces. The boy is Micah Elliott, and he was only 4 pounds! They're so, so tiny. And so, so cute.

I went by myself to see them this morning and got to hold them for about half an hour. It was the perfect time to go - nobody to share them with! (Except Jim and Alisha, of course!)

And then tonight we all went to visit them. The kids were SO excited to meet their cousins! And now that they've had so much practice with holding Amiya, they're practically pros! (Except Zane, who "really doesn't like to hold babies.")

I took a million pictures, because i am me. Here are some of my favorites.

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