Saturday, September 17, 2016

ArtPrize! Day -4!

(I've taken a ton of pictures of ArtPrize already. Today's are here. Thursday's are here.)

On Thursday we all hopped in the car and drove around to a few of the venues that are outside of town - Arnie's, Coit school, the Downtown market. We tried to go a few other places, but they must have changed their minds about being open for preview week. One church that we went to was open, and we wandered all over the entire church before concluding that there was no art anywhere.

At Arnie's, there was a baseball game made of silly little metal guys, and Houston almost immediately spotted the fielder who was squatting down and playing with bugs. He ran over and exclaimed, "Look! It's me!" Hee. (That totally WAS him, back when he played.) Also at Arnie's was what might be this year's most pathetic piece: a bunch of printed pictures, colored in with crayola markers.

Today we headed into actual downtown and hit a few of the places that get completely insanely crowded during actual ArtPrize. We went to The B.O.B., and it was the perfect place to go, because there was almost nobody else there, so we could totally look at everything without giant crowds. We also went to Kendall and a couple of other smaller venues, and then we were walking toward the car when we realized that we could go into Devos and see some of the art there that just happened to be up already. Yay!

There's been a pattern that we've noticed, wherein the odd years of ArtPrize tend to be more disappointing than the even years. So far, i'm hopeful that this year will be good. There were things that i didn't care for, but there've been several things that i've liked, and i've only seen a small percentage, so ... finger's crossed!

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