Friday, December 9, 2016

December 9

It's Friday! Tonight's Advent activity was to sleep downstairs by the Christmas tree. We do this every year (although Houston has decided that it's too uncomfortable, so he heads upstairs sometime around 11:30), and the kids love it. A big part of their enjoyment is the fact that we watch movies late into the night and they get to stay up late, but i think it's also just fun to sleep by the tree.

Tonight we had pizza-movie night, and we watched Elf, which is just one of my very favorite Christmas movies.

Earlier today, Juanito randomly put a big sweatshirt on Emma, and she immediately just became this weirdly calm creature. entirely different Emma. There's a goat that was in the news recently who lives at a shelter and is all anxious and has other mental issues, and one of the workers randomly bought a duck costume and put it on the goat, and suddenly the goat was miraculously calm and happy. This sweatshirt is Emma's duck costume.

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