Wednesday, December 7, 2016

December 7

Today's Advent activity was to make snowflakes, and make snowflakes we did - lots and lots of them. But i failed to take a single picture. Sad me. Making snowflakes is a tradition in our family. I've been doing it every year since before we had kids. It's fun to see the snowflakes change every year - the kids are obviously getting better at it, but even my snowflakes are different from year to year. Some years i think i can make really intricate ones, and then the next year i'm all, "Here's another boring snowflake." It used to be that i could immediately tell which snowflakes i made and which ones were made by the kids, but now i'm not always sure, unless i specifically remember making one.

In addition to the lots of snowflakes, i was busy making lots of Christmas presents. Today i made three pairs of pajama pants and the shirts to go with two of them (though that was simply appliqueing a picture onto a ready-made shirt). I also made, for Katrina's American Girl dolls, a fancy dress, a fancy skirt, two pairs of tights, a hat, and a pair of leggings. Also (not for American Girl dolls) a weird floppy monster thing from felted sweaters, which i am hoping the kids will find endearing and not totally stupid. I think that's all.

Also today, I brought Houston to the orthodontist. He just had to get a mold made (again!) for the device that they're going to install in a week or two. I wasn't sure how long it would take us to get there, and i didn't want to be late...and instead we ended up 20 minutes early. I was all ready to settle in to wait for our appointment time, but the lady immediately told Houston to come on back, and five minutes later we were back on our way home. It was quite lovely.

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