Tuesday, December 20, 2016

December 20

This afternoon, Houston got his first (of probably many, many) stage of his braces put on. He has what is called a "Carriere" on his top teeth, with a hook on his bottom teeth so that he can attach the two with rubber bands. He also has a retainer on his bottom teeth, but it's very nearly impossible to see, because it's thin, clear plastic. I think that the retainer is keep his bottom teeth from getting all crooked while the rubber bands are pulling his bottom teeth forward. 

He was completely happy about getting the braces started - the orthodontist assistant has told me a few times how wonderful he is. For most of the day, he wasn't bothered by the stuff in his mouth at all, but then just before bedtime his teeth started hurting. I'm curious if that's going to be getting worse or not. 

So far, the biggest struggle has been figuring out how to put his rubber bands on. He has to take them out to eat, but then they're really tiny and have to go way back in his mouth, and i'm sure that everyone who's ever had braces has struggled with this exact thing, but neither Juanito nor i have ever had braces, so we're not a lot of help. I mean, we try to help, but we don't know any secret tricks or anything. I'm sure that in a month it'll be second nature. Hopefully.

Our Advent activity tonight was to make glow jars. We basically just took little jars, cut open glow sticks, poured the glowy stuff into the jars, shook them up, and added glitter. It worked surprisingly well...as long as we used yellow or green. The pink didn't work at all. (Katrina was disappointed about that.) All three kids took them to bed to use as nightlights, and they were totally bright enough to do the job. Fun!

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