Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December 6

All three kids and i had dentist appointments today. (Have i mentioned that i hate the dentist? I hate the dentist. Not my particular dentist - he's fine. Just going to the dentist in general.) I had to pick everyone up early from school, and i meant to give Houston a note for his teacher to let him out, but i forgot until after he was already at school, so i texted him, "Oh no! I forgot to give you a note! Can i just text: 'Dear Miss Spanish Teacher, Please let Houston leave for the dentist'?" He eventually texted back, "Giggle. I'll show her." Except then he had a substitute teacher, so he was all, "She might think it's a plot." And then he didn't text again. Meanwhile, i was texting him, "Do i need to call?" "I'm on my way. Let me know if i need to call!" "HOUSTON!!!!" and "Are you coming?!!?!?!" Shortly after that last one, he ran out of the building and was all, "I forgot, and then i saw your text that said you were on your way, so i ran down three flights of stairs!"

The good news is, there were no cavities, so we don't have to go back for 6 months. Yay!

We ate dinner practically on the run the past two nights, so we finally lit our second Advent candle tonight. Halfway through dinner, Houston randomly stuck his hand over one of the candles and held it there for a couple of seconds, and then was all, "OW! That's hot!" To which the rest of us were all like, "DUH!" And so then Juanito started showing them how to put their finger through a candle flame ("It doesn't even hurt!") and how to put out a lit cigarette with your fingers, and i was all, "Why are you telling them this?!"

So yesterday was Handel's Messiah, which couldn't be moved, obviously. And the day before was the Nutcracker, which couldn't be moved. So even though December 5th is when Sinterklaas is supposed to come, i had the kids put out their shoes tonight for the advent activity, and i'm just not telling them that it's technically the wrong day. I'm pretty sure Sinterklaas will make an exception for our house. :)

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