Thursday, December 8, 2016

December 8

For literally weeks, Katrina has been looking forward to her band concert - asking everyone if they're coming, playing the songs for anyone who will stand still, and telling me all about what's happening in concert news.

There's a new band director this year. She started off the year with actual rules and discipline and a requirement that the kids practice their instruments. Katrina was initially all, "She's kind of mean..." and i suggested that maybe she was just making sure that they actually learned something in band this year, and she agreed that that would be a good thing. And within about two weeks, she was fully in this director's corner. They were playing songs! That were recognizable! And they were learning new things! And lo, band was FUN! The teacher was NICE!

Katrina practices. A lot - without ever being reminded. She is loving playing the flute this year.

So the concert was tonight. It was a joint concert between the 7th and 8th grade bands, and they played five songs. And i knew all five songs! They were actual songs! (The previous director chose the worst music in the history of ever.) The kids all looked happy and proud of themselves - and they had a right to! They were SO good! Not, perhaps, professionals, but the difference between last year's concert and this year's concert was drastic. Everyone was duly impressed.

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