Sunday, September 6, 2015


It's the last Sunday of summer vacation, and it was a gorgeous day, so the kids and i went out to my grandpa's beach for the afternoon. After an hour or so, Beth and Stephanie joined us. It was warm, and the water was lovely, and the sun was sunny, and there were waves but not huge, dangerous waves. So it was about as perfect a day as we could have asked for.

I sat and talked to my grandpa for an hour or so, until the kids were just completely impatient for me to come down to the beach so they could go into the water. I feel so incredibly fortunate that my grandpa, who is 96, is still completely intelligent and lucid. He told me all kinds of interesting stuff about my great-grandpa and what happened with his property when he died. And we talked about medicine and how it's changed, and .... I wish i lived closer, so that it was easier to visit him more often.

Tonight, Juanito, Beth, Stephanie, and i went to see "Mission Impossible" - like...the 4th sequel or something. It was ridiculous, and Beth, Juanito, and i giggled the entire way through it. Tom Cruise is just so...Tom Cruise. It was a lovely, relaxing end to the day.

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