Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First day of school!

Tell me about your first day of school!

Zane: I learned most of the stuff i'm going to do in school this year. I had a new technology teacher this year. I had library. My desk is the tallest desk, but it's the only desk that won't open, and it's closest to the door. I'm the person who's farthest away from their cubby. For the first time in my life, i am higher than number 17. I'm number 21.

Katrina: It was really fun and all my teachers are really nice. We get lockers, and we have a lot of new kids. We transition more in middle school. and we don't dissect anything.

Houston: It was awesome. All of my teachers were really nice, and half of them are okay with me eating snacks in class. There were a lot of new kids. Our lockers are split in half. We used to have long ones, but now they're split in half, which means that we get to have our own locker. I have the top locker.

Tell me about your teacher(s).

Zane: She is really nice. She also can shake her eyes. (Miss DeHamer can do it too, but she's not here anymore.) Which is pretty awesome. She is really kind and fun.

Katrina: My favorite teacher is Mrs. Butz, because she's really nice and she's funny, and she does social studies, and i really, really like social studies. Mrs. VanderMuellen has two gerbils in her classroom and a lot of fish.

Houston: My homeroom teacher is Miss Steketee, and she's my favorite teacher, because she seems like the nicest. My language arts teacher, Miss Brennan used to be my Spanish teacher, so i know her pretty well. My social studies teacher was also my social studies teacher in 7th grade. I only really have one new teacher!

Tell me one thing you learned today.

Zane: That my new technology teacher has a son.

Katrina: We don't have to dissect anything.

Houston: We have a new grading thing. So 4.0 is now 100%. And 3.0 is 80%. This way it's easier to ... y'know.

Was the first day back better or worse than you expected?

Zane: Better. Although it was pretty boring. All we did in technology was to look at pictures of the teacher.

Katrina: Better. I was really nervous, and we went in the gym, and it was really scary, because i didn't know how to get my lunch, and there was a really, really big line, and then there's a lot of tables.

Houston: Oh, better! All my teachers are really nice. I don't think i'm going to dislike any of my subjects this year. Speech class seems like it'll be kind of...i don't like standing up in front of classes and i get really nervous when i do, so i think it'll be my weakest subject, but i hope it helps me improve.

Do you have any friends in your class? And is there anyone you don't know that might become friends?

Zane: No friends in my class. No. Actually! Stephan. He's new here.

Katrina: I think i'll be friends with this new girl named Kimberly, and she's really nice. She's from Spain, and she moved here when she was nine, and i really want to be her friend. And Madison is in my class.

Houston: Zoe is in all of my classes with me. I don't really know many of the new kids, because they're all really quiet, and i haven't tried talking to them because i was so rushed and panicked.

What was the best thing about summer vacation?

Zane: Going places, like other states and Kalahari....

Katrina: Going out of the state.

Houston: Going everywhere. Like, all the places we went to out of state and all the fun places we went to in state. And also making the zoo. That was really fun. I really liked that.

What are you most excited about for this school year?

Zane: Lumberjack day! And other field trips and things.

Katrina: Lockers!

Houston: Going to Chicago. Oh, wait! NO! Visiting the colleges and high schools!

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