Thursday, September 3, 2015

Adventure Thursday

It's the last Thursday of the summer, so i figured that we should end the summer with one last Adventure Thursday.

I meant to spend a good part of the day at the zoo. I found the free pass we got at the beginning of summer, drove out to the zoo, walked up to the window...and realized that the pass had expired 3 days ago. Dang it!!! I didn't really want to shell out the $40ish dollars that it was going to cost us to pay to go to the zoo, and i was kind of rescued from the kids being even sadder by the rain that started before we even got back to our car. (Katrina was still pretty desperately sad.)

We drove to the library instead, and by the time we got there - about an 8-minute drive - it was pouring. We congratulated ourselves on not being at the zoo.

When we'd been at the library for about half an hour, Houston had asked about several different books, none of which the library had. He was walking around with one book, looking lost. In the past, i've tried to recommend him books, and he's just never very interested. So this time, i told him, "Okay. Go to the librarian and ask her what her favorite book is for your age level." And 15 minutes later, he had a stack of about 15 books that look promising. (At least one of which i've totally recommended several times.)

After the library, we came home and made our own zoo. Each of us got one area of the house and a few different animals, and we could do whatever we wanted. Houston made a snake and a mouse with his Rainbow Loom and then a sheep out of a cotton ball and a few staples and googly eyes. Katrina made a map of her zoo and made adorable signs for each animal. Zane just gathered all of the stuffed animals he could find that matched his animals and threw them all together on a couple of chairs. I wrote up a list of interesting facts about each of my animals and drew a (very poorly rendered) picture of each. (Honestly, it was probably as much fun as the actual zoo would have been. Our zoo is just...not my favorite zoo.)

Next we went out to my parents' house to steal their tomatoes. (I asked permission first.) We got there just after it finished raining, so the flowers were all still covered in raindrops, so after all of the tomatoes were picked, i walked around and took some pictures of the flowers. Meanwhile, the kids played a rousing game of "Death Frog" with their cousins.

And then we came home to see Juanito and relax for a bit, and then we went to Wendy's for dinner and frozen yogurt for dessert. Delicious! Exciting!

And then Zane got his hair cut, because we hadn't already done enough stuff today. He looks adorable. (He doesn't like to be called handsome. Cute is okay, though.)

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