Friday, September 4, 2015

Musical Fountain!

It's been a tradition, for the past two years (three, including this year) to go to Grand Haven to see the Musical Fountain at the end of the summer. It's a pretty cheesy event, but the kids actually love it, and the fountain is kind of pretty.

This year, Juanito was busy working on his ArtPrize submission, so the kids, Beth, Stephanie, and i went without him. We ate a picnic on the lawn and then walked down to the lighthouse. It was much, much warmer than last year - kind of a perfect night for walking along the water and watching the fountain.

There was a family that sat behind us, and halfway through the show, the kids lost interest and started asking, "Is it over YET?" Eventually they left, with a song or two yet to go. Katrina turned to me and said, "I feel so sorry for their mom! Because she really wanted to stay and see this!"

Our kids were really happy to be there, except for maybe Houston, when the Cup Song started and Katrina and i both started singing along (quietly). He sighed deeply and asked, "REALLY?" and scooted away. So we just sang it in our heads instead. (Which is not nearly as much fun for us. But probably much happier for everyone else.)

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