Sunday, August 31, 2014

Be Nice

Last year, the kids' school participated in the "Be Nice" program. It's...a thing? Where they encourage the kids to be nice? I don't know, but they gave everyone a t-shirt that says "Be Nice," and they did assemblies about being nice, and ... other stuff. Anyhow, one of the things they did was give out "Be Nice" awards to one kid from each grade each month.

Katrina, of course, is super-nice, so she got one of the awards. She got to go up and stand awkwardly next to her teacher in front of the entire assembly while her teacher read all about how nice she is. And i forgot my camera, dang it! But this is what her teacher wrote about her:

We have learned this year about how important it is to notice others at school...other classmates, other teachers, other adults, and other kids. Especially those who need something - help with something, a friend to talk to, or just something to make their day.

Katrina is a model of how to notice others. She will notice when other classmates are doing something great, and will let me know about it. She isn't trying to get compliments for herself, or attention for what she is doing right. She wants to acknowledge the good in others, something we can all do more. 

Katrina also notices when others are in need of a friend. She will talk to, listen to, help out, and hang out with others when they are in need of attention. I have witnessed her reaching out to try to make someone's day on numerous occasions. This just reinforces how much she thinks of others before herself.

Of course, Katrina also notices my needs as well. She is always finding ways she can help me in class. Really, the way she has helped me the most is by setting an amazing example of being there for others. I hope others notice this behavior and do the same!

Yay! I'm super-proud of my little girl. She really is awesome.

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